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Bowl of soupvideo

UCookbook: The busy student’s soup

Rate this article and enter to winVideo is loading... jwplayer("myElement").setup({ playlist: }], captions: { back: false, ...
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How to eat what you love & love what you eat

Rate this article and enter to winEating should be easy, shouldn’t it? It should work like this: We get hungry, we eat what feels good for us, and we’re all set. But in reality,...

HealthyOut by HealthyOut

Why we love it:Do you struggle with anxiety? Learn how to cope using the MindShift app, created by AnxietyBC and BC Mental Health & Addiction Services. Rather than suggesting that users avoid anxiety, this...
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Nutrition decoded: Answers to your dietary dilemmas

Rate this article and enter to winNutritional advice is tricky to navigate. Food science is incomplete, evolving, sometimes contradictory, and easily misrepresented by people and companies who have something to sell. We are bombarded...